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I was immediately very-enthusiastic…

Almost 2 years ago I saw the Lopifit for the first time (on Texel) It seemed to me so much fun to do, and last year I discovered a rental-point near me, so I rented a Lopifit…
I was immediately very-enthusiastic. It was indeed as nice as it looked, and after a few minutes of getting used to it, it became easier and faster…
At the end of the day I had to return it to the rental. I immediately thought “such a thing I want to!!! Too”
And now, since 4 weeks, I have my own (black) Lopifit (3.0)! I am so happy with it, and have been walking a lot of kilometers in the meantime.
My husband likes to make bike rides, and now I walk with him!   In short, I find the Lopifit a great invention, and I can recommend it to anyone to try for sure!

Monique van Vliet, Gouda

I can hardly express what it means to me….

I tried almost everything, but due to an impairment I always had to give up. On Google I came across the Lopifit. Now I can ride next to my son, do my shopping and make great trips on the Lopifit.

Anne Schumm

In short, a great success here in the Netherlands

We have almost exclusively customers from outside of Holland, even outside Europe and they all are so surprised. Your bike is therefore a good example of inventive new developments and of course we emphasise the benefits of walking instead of cycling.

Rob van Beem, Beusichem

It was no longer possible for me to ride a bike…

The Lopifit is really the love of my life. It is a pity that I have not met him before. I have physical problems with arms and legs and the Lopifit is for me the ultimate means of transport. Then you come to the discovery: this has been made for me and I want that too. A few days later I had one.

Annelies Venema, IJmuiden

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