Our Story

The Lopifit is a Dutch invention by Bruin Bergmeester. Like many others, he noticed that he was struggling to keep a healthy weight. He travelled to work by car and understood that something had to change. The distance to work was 15 km and with a regular bike he often arrived sweaty. That had to change.

"He wondered why he couldn't use his treadmill outside."

During a walk on his treadmill at home, he wondered why he could not use the treadmill outside. He sat down behind the drawing board and began to build and design. Bruin made the world’s first electric treadmill bike, the Lopifit. The Lopifit allows the user to walk at a walking pace (5km/hour) and to travel with cycling speeds (up to 25 km/h).

Lopifit is a brand name of walking Bike B.V. a young and dynamic company with Bruin Bergmeester, Mark Bergmeester and Herman Zoetendal as driving forces. By joining forces, an organization has been put in place that guarantees a unique, innovative and high quality product.

Mark on the Lopifit

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